The George M. Pullman Educational Foundation supports the dreams and aspirations of outstanding graduating high school seniors with merit-based, need-based scholarships and continuing educational support as they pursue their bachelor’s degree at the college or university of their choice.

Become a Pullman Scholar

Support the dreams of the next generation

In the 1950s, The Pullman Foundation

was one of the first foundations to award scholarships to women and people of color to attend college.

Nearly 12,000 people

have received Pullman Foundation Scholarships.

Meet the Class of 2026, the 73rd Class of Pullman Foundation Scholars


Meet the Class of 2026, the 73rd class of Pullman Foundation Scholars! This impressive group of scholars are looking forward to starting their college journey with the Pullman Foundation by their side. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and welcoming them to our Pullman Scholar Community. The 73rd Class of…

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