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College Life • 04.23.19

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Catherine Buchanic

Catherine (shown center) enrolled in Northwestern University this fall to study journalism. Since then, she has gotten involved in local… Read More
College Life • 03.26.19

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Orlando Abrego

Orlando enrolled in the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) this fall to study kinesiology. Since then, his first year… Read More
College Life • 03.06.19

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Hannah Kim

Hannah Kim packed up and headed to Savannah, GA this fall to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She's… Read More
College Life • 02.14.19

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Weronika Rybarska

Weronika Rybarska headed to Illinois State University this fall to study business management. She loves campus, but also loves to… Read More
College Life • 01.24.19

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Taofeeq Rasaki

Taofeeq Rasaki enrolled at the University of Southern California this fall to study mechanical engineering. With a passion for aviation… Read More
Julissa Garcia with father
Alumni Stories • 12.04.18

Julissa Garcia: To be educated is to have the best opportunities

For Julissa Garcia, her family home is more than just the house where she was raised. It's a symbol of… Read More
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College Life • 05.29.18

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Andres Lagunas

Andres Lagunas began pursuing a degree in political science at DePaul University this past year as a Pullman Scholar. He… Read More
College Life • 04.26.18

Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Nathaniel Rodriguez

When Nathaniel Rodriguez graduated from Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois, he decided to study electrical engineering at… Read More
College Life • 11.27.17

The Freedom to Follow Your Passion: Meet Pullman Scholar Dejah Powell, Cornell University ‘18.

Dejah Powell (Cornell University ’18) is a college senior, but she’s already made a difference in the world that people… Read More
Pullman Scholar • 03.29.17

A Female Pullman Scholar Who Loves Math

Pullman Scholar Sarah Dickey, Elmhurst College, '20, shares her absolute love of her major, Math! Math classes were my favorite… Read More
Podcast • 03.23.17

What it Takes to be a Success

Pullman Scholar Julissa Garcia, University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2018, interviews Pullman Scholar Alumna Valarie King-Bailey, University of… Read More
Podcast • 03.22.17

A Real Account of Being a Female Engineer

Pullman Scholar Julissa Garcia, University of Illinois at Chicago, Class of 2018, interviews Pullman Scholar Alumna Valarie King-Bailey, University of… Read More
College Life • 03.20.17

Pullman Foundation Women in Engineering

Pullman Scholar Alumna Valarie King-Bailey, University of Wisconsin - Madison, '82, summed up the importance of engineers perfectly, “look around… Read More
College Life • 03.09.17

Life as a Biology Major

Sofia Ali, a first-year biology major at Loyola University Chicago shares her experiences as a new college student. My first year… Read More
College Life • 03.08.17

Life as a Cellular/Molecular Neuroscience and Psychology Major

Amel Baker, a junior at Loyola University Chicago studying psychology and cellular/molecular neuroscience, shares her affinity for science and how… Read More
College Life • 03.07.17

Life as a Biochemistry Major

Jennifer Munoz, a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University, shares her love of science as a biochemistry major and nutrition minor.… Read More
College Life • 01.23.17

Immersed in the Abroad Experience

Casey Morgan Luc, ‘17, The George Washington University, shares his experience of studying and working in Paris, France during his… Read More
Pullman Scholar • 11.30.16

Why Apply? We Invest In You

While our application is open, we’ve asked our current scholars and alumni to share why they’re happy they filled out… Read More
Foundation News • 11.28.16

Thirty Area Students Receive Funding

Robin Redmond, the Foundation's executive director, was interviewed by Safiyyah P. Muhammad for the Chicago Citizen. Read the article about… Read More
Foundation News • 11.22.16

Why Apply? We’re An Organization for Your Lifetime

While our application is open, we've asked our current scholars and alumni to share why they're happy they filled out… Read More
Pullman Scholar • 11.14.16

Opening the Door to the Outdoors

Dejah Powell, Cornell University, ‘18, creates an environmental program for students who live on the south side of Chicago. After… Read More
College Life • 08.17.16

Advice For College Students From College Students

It's almost time to be on your college campus. Whether it be your first year or last year,  you probably… Read More
College Life • 08.10.16

Work & Volunteer Opportunities for College Students 101 (Pt. 2)

Now that you know what kind of opportunities are available to college students from Part 1 of this series, our scholars… Read More
College Life • 08.03.16

Work & Volunteer Opportunities For College Students 101 (Pt. 1)

The more career and real-life experience you add to your resume while attending college, the better. Employers will appreciate your work… Read More
Events • 06.21.16

2016 Pullman Scholar Symposium: More Scholar Interaction & Learning

Current Pullman Scholars and all 31 of the new scholar cohort attended our third annual Pullman Scholar Symposium on May… Read More
College Life • 05.13.16

First Scholar Keynote: Corie Wilkins

Corie Wilkins is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri, where he received a Bachelors of Journalism in broadcast… Read More
College Life • 04.21.16

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Jasmeen Wellere, ’16

Get to know one of the George M. Pullman Educational Foundation's graduating seniors, Jasmeen Wellere. Wellere attended Southern Illinois University… Read More
College Life • 09.14.15

Jasmeen Wellere’s ScholarCon Journey

By Jasmeen Wellere, Pullman Scholar. “ScholarCon was one of the best experiences I have ever had!” This is what my… Read More
College Life • 08.18.15

Dare. Dream. Discover: Asia Muhammad’s ScholarCon Experience

By Asia Muhammad, Pullman Scholar. ScholarCon is a place where you can dare, dream, and discover. If you are unfamiliar… Read More
Events • 05.15.15

What It’s Really Like to be in the Pullman Community

Billy Leung, Pullman Scholar, University of Michigan, '16 In my senior year of high school, I remember being constantly stressed… Read More
College Life • 05.13.15

A Desire to Serve the Community Through Education

Daniel Jackson is dedicated to supporting his community and contributing to a brighter future. While attending Jones College Prep, he… Read More
College Life • 05.04.15

College Advice from a Pullman Scholar

My name is Xiomara Contreras and I am a sophomore studying Communication Studies and Latina/o Studies at Northwestern University. I… Read More
College Life • 03.20.15

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Juan Velazquez, ’17

Pullman Scholar Juan Velazquez, '17, shares his exciting experiences and accomplishments while attending Notre Dame University as an aerospace engineering major.… Read More
Pullman Scholar • 11.19.14

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Helene Bansley, ’14

Get to know how our Pullman Scholar Helene Bansley, '15, plans to give back to the community with her psychology degree.… Read More
College Life • 09.16.14

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Michael Glynn, ’19

Get to know our Pullman Scholar Michael Glynn,'19, an exercise physiology major at Marquette University. In his spare time, Michael… Read More
Foundation News • 09.02.14

Introducing the 65th Class of Pullman Scholars

We are honored to welcome the 65th Class of Pullman Scholars! These 40 exceptional students join 121 returning Pullman Scholars… Read More
Pullman Scholar • 08.26.14

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Maribell Heredia, ’17

Get to know our Pullman Scholar Maribell Heredia, '17, a neuroscience major at University of Illinois at Chicago. Why Neuroscience? Maribell… Read More
College Life • 06.02.14

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Marco Leyva, ’15

Meet Pullman Scholar Marco Leyva, an economics major at Dominican University, '15. Three words Marco feels best to describe his… Read More
College Life • 04.29.14

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Asia Muhammad, ’16

Get to know Pullman Scholar Asia Muhammad,'16, a psychology major at Saint Leo University. Three words Asia feels best to… Read More
College Life • 12.21.12

Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Diamond Greer, ’14

While studying Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, Diamond has had many opportunities to develop her interests. Whether she… Read More
Events • 08.04.12

Freshmen Reception Welcomes 63rd Class of Scholars

On August 4, 2012,  the Foundation welcomed 53 new scholars to the Pullman Scholar Community at the Annual Freshmen Scholar… Read More