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Pullman Scholar Symposium

Established in 2014, the annual Pullman Scholar Symposium offers stimulating workshops, professional development, inspirational keynote speakers, and networking opportunities designed to help Pullman Scholars thrive in college and beyond!

The best advice is from someone who has made the same journey

Each year, scholars and guests enjoy an evening keynote speech from an individual who shares a similar background and inspires with lessons of success.

Pullman Scholars receive much more than financial support

Attending the symposium allows scholars to learn business and life skills from each other, experts, and Pullman Scholar Alumni. See what the event means to Pullman Scholars and Pullman Scholar Alumni.

Pullman Scholar Symposium
The 2020 annual Pullman Scholar Symposium

We are disappointed, but we have made the decision to not bring our Pullman Scholar Community together as initially planned at this year’s Pullman Scholar Symposium, scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th.

For more information, read the full update.