Pullman Scholar Spotlight: Helene Bansley, ’14

Get to know how our Pullman Scholar Helene Bansley, ’15, plans to give back to the community with her psychology degree.

Helene Bansley’s fascination with people and her interest to learn why personalities differ so drastically among individuals, led her to major in psychology at the University of Michigan.

This passion and fascination have motivated her to seek opportunities that would develop her interpersonal skills and allow her to work with a variety of individuals. And, what better position to work directly and closely with people than a resident advisor (RA)? Helene began as an RA her junior year and continues to work in residential life this year. She finds the most meaning in this job in the daily interactions with her supervisors, residents, and co-workers.

When she is not busy with school and work, Helene enjoys writing (she keeps a daily journal!) and running. She places self-care as a top priority and focuses on treating her body with respect, getting enough sleep, eating right, and incorporating exercise into her weekly routine. “My main goals at this point in my life are self-improvement and personal growth. I strive to be the very best version of myself every day and to make choices that I will be proud of when looking back.” She refuses to settle for anything less than her best and sees obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Helene Pull Quote

Reflecting on her four years of college, she sums up the lessons she has learned, “There is no shame in falling, only pride in standing back up. Life is hard, and mistakes are inevitable. Just because we fail sometimes, doesn’t mean we are failures. It is all part of the journey.” Looking to her future, Helene aspires to pursue a career in social work, specifically therapy and counseling. She was admitted to the University of Michigan’s Master of Social Work program for the fall of 2015.

Congratulations on your admittance to grad school! We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you, Helene!