Pullman Scholars in their Own Words: Kene Uwajeh

Studying Chemistry at the University of North Carolina, Kene Uwajeh has already had an eventful first year. Read on to learn about how her first year at UNC has been and her views on what it means to be a Pullman Scholar.

What drew you to your college?

I knew that I wanted to attend the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill when I first stepped foot on campus. I felt so welcomed and accepted by everyone I encountered. Also, it was also a great option for all of my potential career interests. I could see myself at UNC for the next four years of my life.

What are your passions or hobbies?

My passions and hobbies include dancing, traveling, doing makeup, taking pictures, and volunteering. These activities provide a way to express myself through various outlets.

What’s your favorite aspect of college? What was your first semester of college like?

My favorite aspect of college is the freedom it provides me. I can choose to do what I want when I want. Of course, this means a lot responsibility, but I believe that it is necessary for growth. My first semester of college can be summarized in one word: “new.” From a new state, to a new school, to new people, everything was so different. Even though they were new, a lot of these experiences were amazing. My first semester was full of many fun and unforgettable experiences, such as D1 sporting events, parties, and movie nights with friends. Both failures and successes – academically and socially – filled this first year so far, but all were life lessons.

What do you like about being a Pullman Scholar? What does being a Pullman Scholar mean to you?

I love the fact that being a Pullman Scholar is not just a one-year or a four-year commitment. Being a Pullman Scholar is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life, as well as the many connections made through the Foundation. I like the fact that I have a place that I can forever call home. To be a Pullman Scholar means to be a hard-worker, to value education and the impact that it can have one’s community/world, and to overcome the circumstances of life to achieve their goals and attain success.