Pullman Scholars in Their Own Words: Weronika Rybarska

Weronika Rybarska headed to Illinois State University this fall to study business management. She loves campus, but also loves to travel and expand her horizons. Read on to see how her first year is going and what being a Pullman Scholar means to her.


What drew you to your college?

The one thing that drew me to Illinois State University was definitely the atmosphere that I felt when I visited both times before I committed. I visited many schools, but ISU made me feel like I actually belonged here. One of the times I came was on Valentine’s Day, where I truly saw how the students interact with each other and create such a good vibe that you could call this place your second home. 


What are your passions or hobbies?

One of my biggest passions is travelling. Since I was born and raised in Europe, travelling to different countries was so much easier over there and it really gave me the ability to see so many great places at a young age. Since then, I loved the idea of exploring new cultures and educating myself about them. Going to any new place, even if it’s an hour away from my house, excites me. 


What is different about college than high school?

First semester of college was nothing like I have imagined. You go from being a kid to an adult within one day. Since I’m away from home I had to learn how to be on my own and that was the biggest difference between college and high school. I had nobody to wake me up, I had to make sure that I eat, do my own laundry and little things that I would not even worry about when I was home. Even though it was challenging to manage school and extracurriculars it was also very exciting to see myself succeed and have the capabilities to be just fine by myself. 


What do you like about being a Pullman Scholar? What does being a Pullman Scholar mean to you?

One thing that I like about being a Pullman Scholar is the fact that I know I always have somebody that I can reach out to and receive all the support I need. This organization makes me feel very secure because I know that if I’m struggling they’ll do everything they can to bring me back up. Being a Pullman Scholar means having the opportunity to become something bigger than you ever thought you could be.