While studying Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University, Diamond has had many opportunities to develop her interests. Whether she is doing research in African American Studies, working with Chicago Scholars, or studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt, she is always eager to gain new experiences.

“My favorite thing about college life is the freedom to find myself and figure out who I am and the ability to practice it.”

When asked about her accomplishments, Diamond has a long list of things to be proud of. She was recently awarded the G. Alfred Hess, Jr. Undergraduate Fellowship Fund Award. This prestigious grant was established in 2005 by Northwestern University to honor Alfred Hess and his major contributions to the School of Education and Social Policy. It supports and encourages students to develop their own research while engaging in interesting projects. Through this experience, she discovered her passion for academic research. One day she plans to pursue graduate level studies in African American Studies or Learning and Organizational Change. Regardless of her path, she knows it will involve achieving a Ph.D.

Diamond also had the opportunity to spend last semester studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt. She enjoyed being immersed in a new culture and experiencing a different part of the world. She is grateful for this eye-opening experience. “I am able to study abroad because I know that my scholarship is supporting me.” The Foundation has given her the flexibility to be involved with many activities outside of the classroom, without worrying about financial hardships. Diamond recognizes the importance of exploration in college and is enjoying her time pursuing her passions. She has the chance to see the world from a new perspective as a university student. “It feels great knowing I can take on the mysteries and adventures of life while having something concrete to ground me.”