Daniel Jackson is dedicated to supporting his community and contributing to a brighter future. While attending Jones College Prep, he took many honors courses, served in Student Government and participated in many extracurricular activities. Yet Daniel still made it a priority to volunteer regularly at Red Shield Head Start in his home neighborhood of Englewood. He explained in an essay, “I want to teach the children in my neighborhood. It is my turn to be part of the village that supports other children like me in the future.”

As Daniel began the college application process, he discovered the George M. Pullman Educational Foundation while searching for scholarships on the Internet. (Fewer than 20 percent of Pullman Scholars chosen in 2014 learned about the Foundation solely through their own research.) In his Pullman Scholar application essay, Daniel wrote, “My long-term goal is to give children equity in their education…In my neighborhood, students often feel as if their opinion does not count. However, I want them to know that I will hear their thoughts and address them when appropriate. I love to share with them that they have to be persistent when trying to pursue their dreams.” (more…)