Meet Pullman Scholar Marco Leyva, an economics major at Dominican University, ’15.

Three words Marco feels best to describe his personality: Positive, creative, and rational

A lesson college has taught Marco (outside of the classroom): Being away from home has made Marco realize that the interactions people have with one another are the most valuable. It’s the little things that matter.

Initially, Marco Leyva didn’t have his sight set on an economics major, but he became hooked on the subject when he took a class during his first year of college. Since then, he’s poured his time and efforts on the subject. “I signed up to take the Financial Markets and Institutions course my sophomore year without realizing what I was getting into. I was the only sophomore in this class full of seniors. I was intimidated at first, but I decided to stay. It was a ton work, and possibly the hardest course I have ever taken, but I ended up doing extremely well, and it felt amazing.” (more…)